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Calentadores solares for Residential usage
Calentadores solares for Residential usage
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Calentadores solares for Residential usage

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Calentadores solares for Residential usage

Fs-pts Series Pressurized solar water heaters' Working principle:
Under normal operating conditions the potable water within the potable storage tank is heated by the solar collectors. For example, in an open circuit system where the household hot water is in the collector circuit, cold water is pushed downwards via the long external pipe from the storage tank to the bottom of the solar collector. As the water is heated in the absorber by the sun, it rises to the top of the collector then travels through the short external pipe into the storage tank. In the evenings or when raining, the circulation stops and if the water is not hot enough, the electric heater can work to ensure you always have hot water on tap.

Stylish streamline design
Reliable electric booster with thermal cut-out
Thermosiphon circulation with less maintenance
The inner tank coated with vitreous enamel for long life
High-efficient solar collector for optimum heat absorbtion
Saving at least 60% of your water heating energy consumption
Reliable, low maintenance operation
Hot water regardless of the weather,always hot water on tap at any weather
Can qualify for valuable government environmental incentives
Reduced energy use saves up to 3.2 tonnes of co2 emissions every year
Sales Tips:
Pressurized solar water heaters: Suitable for normal consumer and projects. High quality products and high water pressure. Obvious advantages compare to vacuum tube swh.

Product Parameters in detail:

3. Fs-pss & psd Split Series
How it works?
In Streamline closed circuit systems which are recommended for frost prone and poor water quality situations, antifreeze fluid is used to circulate through the collectors. The heat collected from the panels is transferred from the fluid to the water in the tank by a heat exchanger.The circulator is regulated by a control unit on the water heater.This ensures the optimum use of the sun's free energy. With a FiveStar streamline solar water heating system you can choose from a range of boosters including in-tank electric or gas boosters to ensure you always have hot water on tap even on cloudy days.
1. The solar collector and water tank can be placed separately, easy to install, easy for building integration;
2. The water tank adopts indirect cycle, completely solve the problem of collector antifreeze and scale ;
3. The circulating pipeline of the system is made of stainless steel pipe, pipe connection is convenient, long service life and aesthetic; Products with full metal flow channel, made of copper and stainless steel ,water pollution-free, food grade requirements reached.
4. Magnetic sputtering coating absorber, high efficiency.
5. Full metal flow channel with low failure rate, easy maintenance;
6. System works under heat collected automatically, auxiliary heating automatically, safe and convenient.
7. Suitable to be used in frost area with the features of snowmelt and antifreeze.
Fivestar highlights as following :☆Since 1990☆The biggest manufacturer of flat plate solar collector, solar water heaters and related systems in China.☆The Exclusive Supplier for 2010 Asian Games for solar water heater project.
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Calentadores solares for Residential usage

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