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calentadores solares for water heating projects
calentadores solares for water heating projects
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calentadores solares for water heating projects

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calentadores solares for water heating projects

Fivestar Solar Collectors are suitable for use with thermosiphon solar energy systems, forced systems and split solar water heaters systems.Furthermore; they are designed to withsand harsh water conditions .
It has different frame style and thiness for option. The very model of solar collector has been certificated with Solar Keymark.
1. Adopt German magnetic sputtering coating absorber, highly heating efficiency, low heating transmission .High absorption rate up to 97%,and emission as low as 5%,solar thermal conversion ratio challenge the limit. High efficient solar collector, maximum heat absorption.
2. Imported cnc laser welding equipment from Europe, heat absorbing plate and risers joint by laser welding, strong combination but small thermal resistance for solder joint..
3. Flow channel welded from the back of coating. Do not hurt heat-absorbing film , high heating effiency.
4. Mounting slots specially designed to facilitate the realization of solar energy and building integration;
5. The frame has high mechanical strength, thicken aluminium alloy, thickness is greater than 1.8mm, twice of the traditional ones.
6. Low-iron tempered textured glass as the cover, full-spectrum light transmission rate is 92%-94%, high mechanical strength ensure safety.
7. Flow channel material is high purity oxygen-free copper(tp2 copper), corrosion resistance, pressure bearing, long service life, safe and reliable;
8. Frame via oxidation frosted processing, film thickness, corrosion-resistant, aesthetic.
9. The Frame and backing plate matched tightly, good sealing, waterproof, moisture barrier and low heat loss.
10. Biodegradable and recyclable materials are adopted, no pollution until product life period ending.

Sales Tips on Flat Plate Solar Heaters:
Fp3.0-e flat plate solar collector, we have gotten Solar Key mark and srcc certifications.(advanced eu technology, and high heating performance, for high-level consumer/project)
Fs-pty95-2.0 flat plate solar collector, we have gotten srcc certification.
(very cost-efficient collector, can be optimal model for Mexican market)

As for other models of flat plate solar collectors, it is good quality but inexpensive price models. Very suitable for centre heating projects. e.g. solar heating projects for hotel, hospitals, factories etc.
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calentadores solares for water heating projects

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